Bluebeard's Castle

Bartók’s only opera

Joan Sutherland Theatre,

Sydney 01 – 10 Mar


$40.00 – $335.00*

*Additional booking, handling and credit card fees may apply at purchase. All tickets are subject to availability and must be confirmed by the principal ticket seller.

About the event

Show me all your hidden secrets. Let me enter ev’ry doorway.

A young bride enters Bluebeard’s castle. Trembling on the threshold, she longs to warm the icy marble and let the light flood in. But the walls are wet with tears. The castle is rank with blood. Seven doors are locked before her. Unafraid, she steps into the darkness.

Bartók’s only opera is an astonishing achievement for a young composer. A large orchestra conjures up Bluebeard’s chilling castle. Dread and anticipation hang in the air as intense, anguished chords. Each door takes shape in the music.

Andrea Molino brings his immense conducting talent to this rare work. Directors Andy Morton and Priscilla Jackman will hold you breathless as Bartók’s short psychological thriller plays to its ambiguous conclusion.

Daniel Sumegi (Don Carlo, The Ring Cycle) is captivating as the treacherous Bluebeard, and Carmen Topciu (Anna Bolena) is the inquisitive Judith.


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