Echo and Narcissus / Cassandra

Ancient myths for modern times

Arts Centre Melbourne

Melbourne 17 – 20 Mar 2021


$30.00 – $95.00*

Digital Access Livestream

Melbourne 19 Mar 2021


$28.00 – $30.00*

*Additional booking, handling and credit card fees may apply at purchase. All tickets are subject to availability and must be confirmed by the principal ticket seller.

About the event

Echo, a talkative nymph of the forest, is in love with Narcissus, who only loves himself. After she is rejected, Echo retreats to the caves, doomed to forever repeat only the words she hears. Narcissus is unable to tear himself away from his own reflection and turns into a flower on the riverbank.

The gift of prophecy becomes a curse when no one believes you. Cassandra foresees that the Trojan horse will lead to the downfall of her people, but her warnings go unheeded. The gods show mortals who’s boss.

Two Melbourne-based writing teams reimagine these timeless stories in a double bill of new works commissioned as a direct response to the coronavirus crisis.

Whether watching in the theatre or livestreamed, these prescient myths will foretell and entertain. Heed their moral lessons.

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