Sold out seasons in Sydney, London and Europe!

Cremorne Theatre, QPAC

Brisbane 28 Apr – 09 May 2020


$39.00 – $49.00*

*Additional booking, handling and credit card fees may apply at purchase. All tickets are subject to availability and must be confirmed by the principal ticket seller.

About the event

This is MEDEA… but not as we know it.

Locked in their bedroom, two brothers play games to pass the time. They fight, they laugh, they jump up and down, they play dead…all under the watchful gaze of goldfish Cornelius, Hercules the teddy bear and a ceiling covered in glow-in-the-dark stars.

Downstairs, their parents – Medea and Jason – are embroiled in a bitter feud. As the shouting gets louder, the small confines of their bedroom will no longer be able to protect the boys from the violence of the outside world. At some point in the next hour, their iconic fate, at the hands of their mother, will ensure that they enter mythology as two of the most tragic siblings of all time.

Told entirely from the perspective of Medea’s young sons, this internationally celebrated work by acclaimed Australian theatre-makers Anne-Louise Sarks (Enemy of the People, Blasted) and Kate Mulvany (Jasper Jones, The Harp In The South), comes to Brisbane after sell-out seasons in Sydney, London and Europe, in a searing and unforgettable production from Myths Made Here, led by award-winning director Daniel Evans (Cinderella, I’ve Been Meaning To Ask You).

The team behind the break-out hit Cinderella breathes life into a radical re-imagining of Medea that takes a smart, sharp and bittersweet look at the fine line that divides a regular life and all-out tragedy.

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