Cirque Stratosphere

A spectacle that is out of this world

Concert Hall – Sydney Opera House

Sydney 14 – 19 Jan 2019


$39.00 – $119.00*

*Additional booking, handling and credit card fees may apply at purchase. All tickets are subject to availability and must be confirmed by the principal ticket seller.

About the event

Strap in for 360 degrees of adrenaline filled flights of daring, and seemingly impossible acrobatic and aerial feats. This festive season, expect to be elevated, amazed and dazzled at Cirque Stratosphere.

Soar through the sky with these gravity defying acts on the trapeze, and aerial sphere; the teeterboard and the Russian Bar. Fly straight from the Columbian Wheel of Death out into the stratosphere as these exhilarating acts seep into your bones and raise you up. More than your average big top, this is an atmosphere defined by the extraordinary, brought to life by Olympic acrobats.

Amaze the whole family as you travel beyond the earth’s grasp, into a space themed circus where even the sky isn’t a limit. 

Escape on a journey to this new futuristic circus. 

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