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TakeYourSeats.com is Australia’s newest strategy driven ticket marketing platform, supporting the live entertainment industry. Our focus is making arts experiences accessible to all and bringing audiences closer to the entertainment they love. 
Our strategic approach of working closely with producers/promoters to design a bespoke ticket sale strategy, allows us to offer the best price tickets at each stage of the ticket life cycle. 
TakeYourSeats.com exists to support the amazing Australian entertainment industry. Strategy driven, we help producers offer incentive pricing to audiences; and audiences find affordable tickets.
By only promoting the right discount, with the right message, at the right time, we protect the integrity of a production and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Our developers are working around the clock to complete the TakeYourSeats App. We will notify all our subscribers via email once it has been officially launched so don’t forget to Sign Up!

Pre-sale tickets are made available to TakeYourSeats.com members before they are available to the general public. We usually get an allocation of Pre-Sale seats along with a limited number of other organisations.
During the pre-sale period, members have access to the largest allocation of seats for each performance and subsequently the best seats in the house. It’s like walking into the empty theatre and picking any seat you like. This is the best time to purchase your seats so act quickly because when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Take Your Seats is frequently offered access to a limited number of discount tickets for certain performances. Our users can enter the Lottery to benefit from significant discounts on these seats. 

This feature can only be accessed in the members only section or via the Take Your Seats app (coming soon), when logged in, and entry is via a submission form available on show pages when available. 

Rush Tickets are usually purchased on the same day as the performance. Rush tickets will often be heavily discounted to attract buyers looking for some last minute fun. 

In times gone by, when the word was out that theatres were offering this type of promotion for tonights show, customers would ‘rush’ across town to make it to the theatre box office first to bag a bargain.

Nowadays you can ‘rush’ to the theatre box office without even getting up from you’re sat! What a time to be alive.

Rush tickets will only be available in the members only section (when available) and via our Take Your Seats app (coming soon). 

Productions offer a discounted rate for seats, for a very limited period of time at key milestones during the ticket cycle. A Flash Sale usually lasts between 24 and 48 hours, so you will need to act fast. 
Flash Sale tickets could become available for any show at any time during the on-sale period. 
Second only to Pre-Sale tickets, this is the next best time to purchase your seats. You will benefit from a discounted rate whilst still having the opportunity to pick great seats.

Flash Sale Tickets will be visible in the members only section of the website so be sure to Sign Up! They will also be advertised in our weekly newsletter and via our Take your Seats app (coming soon).

All seats ordered within a single transaction will be seated together. Due to ticket availability and the popularity of some shows, if you place separate orders, we can not guarantee that your seats will be together. 

In an effort to help reduce ticket scalping, which unfairly disadvantages honest ticket buyers, Take Your Seats limits the total seats purchased in one transaction to 6.

If you are looking to book more than 6 tickets for a particular performance, you will need to place multiple orders via the Take Your Seats platform. 

Ticket scalping is the practice of selling tickets to events at an inflated price. 

Ticket scalpers purchase seats for performances at face value and then resell the same tickets for a profit. 

Unless purchased from an authorised sales agent, individuals risk forfeiting the money paid for a ticket in the event that a performance is cancelled or rescheduled. 

TakeYourSeats.com will never advertise tickets for sale above their face value. We work directly with show promotors to offer the best price on the market, not the worst. 

Of course, you can browse and purchase tickets online at TakeYourSeats.com.au.

All prices on our website are identical to prices on our app. 

We would encourage you to download the app to unlock certain features not available on our website including Lottery Tickets, Flash Sale Tickets and Rush Tickets. 

We support the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome (Android and desktop), Safari (iOS and desktop) and Firefox.

Take Your Seats gets offered discounts at key milestones in the life cycle of a ticket.

To protect these discounts and the full price value of seats we are often requested only to advertise these prices to our members. 

You can manage your preferences or tell us any other information to help us best shape your experience with us from the ‘My Account’ page. 

Absolutely! Facebook login is a convenient and secure way to register an account. 

If you choose to log in with Facebook Login, we will be provided with your email address. We do not collect any other data from your Facebook account, nor are we able to post anything to your timeline without your permission. 

Facebook will not provide us with your email address unless it is confirmed on your Facebook account. 

If you’re not sure if your email with Facebook is verified, please follow Facebook’s instructions by clicking here

By purchasing your tickets through TakeYourSeats.com you are supporting the entertainment industry more than you will ever know. Not only are you helping to re-calibrate the discount model but with lower commissions than our competitors, more of those valuable dollars stay where they belong; within the arts.
TakeYourSeats.com works strategically with event producers to provide reactive pricing based on the demand for seats throughout the ticket life cycle in a way that is not damaging to the future of live entertainment. 

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